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Haley Dewey

Walk with me through absence, darkness and light.

haley dewey is excited to announce a light through a window, her first collection of poetry, with her readers.

haley is a 30-year-old, newly married faith-weaver who believes that sharing Light in times of darkness is necessary for our survival and, ultimately, our souls. she strongly believes that even the darkest and most debaucherous versions of ourselves can be converted through Light and for Light.

haley hopes that you will find comfort in her words, and that through your journey here you will decide that “the Light is more beautiful than the dark.

A Light Through A Window is a rare achievement in poetic vulnerability that will simultaneously break and uplift your heart. It is no exaggeration to say this book is unforgettable.”

S.A. Jensen

Author of Psalms as Sonnets

“…raw and deeply human, yet at the same time transcendent and spiritual. You’ll come back to her books again and again, and I look forward to her next!”

Ian McLeod

Author of Launch Everything: Let God Sort It Out

Absolutely Beautiful. A Light Through A Window is delightful and will resonate widely.

Ivan Throne

Author & Speaker

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